New features on 1.38

Notable changes

  • KOGITO-7945 - Service Task hangs infinitely in the active state if it is after a subprocess

  • KOGITO-8643 - [KSW-Operator] Expose Workflow Dev Profile application endpoint externally

  • KOGITO-9030 - Add support for full GVK to Knative custom function

  • KOGITO-9056 - Add openapi and grpc support to serverless workflow executor

Other changes and Bug fixes

  • KOGITO-8748 - Recover from failure algorithm is ignoring "RequeueAfter"

  • KOGITO-8818 - [KSW-Guides] Review "Cloud" section in the guides to have operator and manual deployment sub-sections

  • KOGITO-8883 - Integrate and test the devui with the embedded extensions Data Index and Job Service

  • KOGITO-8991 - Refactor serverless-workflow-builder to redude dependency size

  • KOGITO-9021 - Add support for existing "quarkus.flyway.locations" values

  • KOGITO-9031 - Remove dependency between workflow-builder and smallrye open api