New features on 1.27

Notable changes

  • KOGITO-7734 - Quarkus Dev UI Workflow Instance endpoint shows testcontainers internal url

  • KOGITO-7584 - Review persistence for Job Service in knative

Other changes and Bug fixes

  • KOGITO-7862 - Exclude ServerlessWorkflowCodestartTest from LTS check

  • KOGITO-7842 - ClassFormatError: Too many arguments in method signature in class file org/kie/kogito/app/GeneratedWorkItemHandlerConfig_Bean

  • KOGITO-7705 - [KSW_GUIDES] Document grpc enum behaviour

  • KOGITO-7696 - Set the proper Data Index image in the productized profile

  • KOGITO-7696 - [KSW Guides] KN CLI generates project with different name and extensions than other options

  • KOGITO-7509 - Compilation fails when using an OpenAPI document downloaded from Quarkus SwaggerUI

  • KOGITO-7259 - [KSW-Guides] Defining an input schema for Workflows

Known issue(s)

  • Quarkus SVG addon fails to compile in native mode, see KOGITO-7874

  • WorkItemNotFoundException when running OpenAPI generated client in dev mode, see KOGITO-7878

  • ClassNotFoundException in enum persistence KOGITO-7888