New features on 1.36

Notable changes

  • KOGITO-8609 - Job Service embedded Quarkus extension

  • KOGITO-8409 - [SW] Add support to Cloud Events to Knative custom function

Other changes and Bug fixes

  • KOGITO-8833 - Bump to Quarkus 2.16.4.Final

  • KOGITO-8752 - InjectAction does not update model if REST body contains a workflowdata that is not an object

  • KOGITO-8642 - [KSW-Operator] Implement healthchecks to the workflow dev profile

  • KOGITO-8649 - [KSW-Operator] Mount an external configuration file in the workflow dev profile

  • KOGITO-8645 - [KSW-Operator] Review the status.conditions field to follow Kubernetes conventions

  • KOGITO-8813 - [SW] Improve error message about compensation node transition

  • KOGITO-8889 - jq expression not getting analysed inside OpenAPI workitem with array

  • KOGITO-8559 - Source addon unable to cope with larger sizes

  • KOGITO-8401 - [KSW-Guides] Enhance getting started guide with workflow use cases description