New features on 1.32

Notable changes

  • KOGITO-7209 - Jobs service re-executes completed (executed) jobs

  • KOGITO-7208 - A lot of unworked (stuck) jobs in simple load test

  • KOGITO-7676 - Flyway added to help PostgreSQL based Database migration

Other changes and Bug fixes

  • KOGITO-8342 - Remove Camel Quarkus platform BOM from Serverless Loan Example to avoid dependency conflicts when upgrading Quarkus

  • KOGITO-8340 - Serverless Workflow Funqy example fires 400 when tries to run the application

  • KOGITO-8309 - Improve Knative Eventing doc by adding an example how to send and consume HTTP events

  • KOGITO-8308 - Remove dependency from Quarkus Process extension

  • KOGITO-8304 - Document the usage of all-in-one jobs-service image

  • KOGITO-8290 - Setup GHA checks for files check

  • KOGITO-8177 - Serverless Operator: Setup GHA for e2e tests

  • KOGITO-8167 - [KSW Guides] Incorporate Event State timeout and example in the guides

  • KOGITO-8141 - Update Knative Eventing Serverless Workflow Guide to add Incoming HTTP configuration

  • KOGITO-8140 - Migrate Serverless Loan Broker example to KIE

  • KOGITO-7985 - Jobs Service Integration Tests improvements

  • KOGITO-7282 - [KSW-Guides] Deploying on Kubernetes Clusters

Known issues

  • KOGITO-8389 Regression: process-postgresql examples are no more working due to flyway migration