New features on 1.34

Notable changes

KOGITO-8499 - Only one of a list of events in the "State End" of a ServerlessWorkflow is produced

KOGITO-8469 - Let Kogito Serverless Workflow Image Builder default to quarkus dev mode

KOGITO-8450 - [SW] Service discovery - Index 1 out of bounds for length 1

KOGITO-8422 - Serverless Workflow Crashed when eventDataFileter applied

KOGITO-8381 - Switch node cannot have more than one incoming connection

KOGITO-8378 - Node 'null' Action has no outgoing connection

KOGITO-8330 - Subflow does not receive the action data but the full parent data set

KOGITO-8249 - Workflow execution timeout support

KOGITO-7982 - End state not terminating the process when there are pending event nodes and keepActive is false

Other changes and Bug fixes

KOGITO-8558 - Use Quarkus IT for Camel addon

KOGITO-8535 - main operator.yaml file should point to an existing image on

KOGITO-8510 - kogito-swf-builder is taking minutes to finish build

KOGITO-8464 - Wrong error message when referring a uri with file:// rather than file:/// or file://c/

KOGITO-8423 - Review SW package naming to avoid WARNs in user’s console

KOGITO-8369 - Provide an API for tests to run Kaniko without Kubernetes/minikube runtime