New features on 1.26

Notable changes

Other changes and Bug fixes

  • KOGITO-7761 - Kogito SW guides latest version is pointing to the main branch

  • KOGITO-7708 - A few missing references and attributes are missing from the guides

  • KOGITO-7694 - [KSW Guides] KN CLI generates a project with a different name and extensions than other options

  • KOGITO-7687 - [KSW-Guides] - Restructure the guides to fit downstream structure

  • KOGITO-7636 - [KSW-Guides] SW configuration properties guide

  • KOGITO-7611 - Remove test-utils from the SW examples and replace by Dev Services

  • KOGITO-7610 - [KSW-Guides] - Add How-To use RHBQ and Kogito productized artifacts

  • KOGITO-7309 - [KSW-Guides] Integration tests with PostgreSQL

  • KOGITO-7301 - [KSW-Guides] Persistence with PostgresSQL databases

  • KOGITO-7299 - [KSW-Guides] Displaying workflow runtime data in serverless dashboards