New features on 1.35

Notable changes

  • KOGITO-8686 - Implement extension that provides support for OutputSchema

  • KOGITO-7373 - [SW] Add custom function knative

  • KOGITO-6937 - Integrate Data Index with Knative eventing

Other changes and Bug fixes

  • KOGITO-8761 - [SW] Revert call to new method that still doesn’t exists in Quarkus LTS

  • KOGITO-8634 - Kogito is messed with symlink in src/main/resources directory when resources are mounted with ConfigMap

  • KOGITO-8523 - Job Service New API Integration Tests

  • KOGITO-8516 - Deploy Workflow CR in devmode

  • KOGITO-8515 - Update quarkus-openapi-generator to 1.2.1

  • KOGITO-8485 - Swagger is generated with example: null on 1.32

  • KOGITO-8414 - [KSW-Guides] Create guide for Knative custom function

  • KOGITO-8401 - [KSW-Guides] Enhance getting started guide with workflow use cases description