New features on 1.33

Notable changes

  • KOGITO-8495 - Bump to Quarkus 2.16.0.Final

  • KOGITO-8361 - Kubernetes Discovery Add-on throwing ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException without an apparent reason

  • KOGITO-8354 - Make a string which has a valid JSON format to be parsed by the workflow engine

  • KOGITO-8351 - Add Camel Routes integration to Serverless Workflow

  • KOGITO-8322 - Flyway added to help migrate Data Index schema based on Oracle database.

  • KOGITO-7766 - Data Index as Quarkus extension

Other changes and Bug fixes

  • KOGITO-8429 - [SW] Copy only the supported files into the builder context

  • KOGITO-8425 - PMML API dependency fails to resolve path when in Quarkus mutable-jar context

  • KOGITO-8421 - [SW] Ensure that the Kogito SW builder image has the correct Quarkus version

  • KOGITO-8420 - [SW] Enable the JVM dynamic-resources configuration in the swf builder image

  • KOGITO-8418 - SW rest API enum parameter would be changed to uppercase

  • KOGITO-8408 - Create a copy of the latest version in the SW guides to have a numbered URL

  • KOGITO-8386 - Failed to send message to Data Index

  • KOGITO-8360 - toStateData is misbehaving for nested paths

  • KOGITO-8358 - Event Date missing on Serverless Workflow + Data Index integration

  • KOGITO-8353 - [KSW Guides] Add a new "Integration" section with Camel Routes add-on details and update custom functions

  • KOGITO-8337 - Serverless Operator: Check e2e in nightlies

  • KOGITO-8308 - Remove dependency from Quarkus Process extension

  • KOGITO-8094 - Creation of Deepcopy in go-sdk